Winter Slips and Injuries

Winter is here and so is the risk of injury. Premier Care Physio provides chiropractic care on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill that protects you from the pain that can be derived from the falls and slips that arise from icy winter conditions. 

Whether you are experiencing acute temporary pains caused by slippery conditions, or chronic injuries that have affected you long-term, our Yonge Street Physio center will help you stay on your feet!


Ways That Physiotherapy Combats Pain Symptoms

You’re shovelling your driveway and don’t notice the patch of ice in front of you. You take a tumble and you hear an unusual crunch. Choosing the help of our physio clinic can help you prevent further damage and relieve current symptoms.

Here are some common injuries during winter that require the help of a skilled physician:

Physio Helps Bad Knees

Research from the University of Western Ontario has shown that ongoing physiotherapy combined with medication has the same effect as arthroscopic surgery in treating osteoarthritic knees. Physiotherapy removes knee pain by identifying the cause of inflammation and treating it with appropriate exercises.

Physio Relieves Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic floor disorders most commonly occur when you slip unavoidably due to unpredictable weather conditions. The pelvic muscles are imperative in a healthy sexual function, and they ensure an active bladder and bowel function. Additionally, pelvic muscles aid the abdominal organs and support the spine. 

Premier Care Physio will guide you through the most appropriate exercises to ensure that your pelvic floor functions properly even after a severe fall.

Physio Alleviates Back Pain

According to the National Institutes of Health, back injuries from falling on ice were the most common winter-related injury, beating out ankle fractures and wrist sprains.

Poor posture, arthritis and muscle strain can cause chronic back pain that hinders your mobility. Winter risks add the unwanted factor of falling hazards and the better posture and health of your back, the lower the dangers of damaging your body.


What Your First Physio Session Will Look Like

The first appointment will be an evaluation of your condition. One of our skilled practitioners will conduct an in-depth assessment of your mobility, limitations and areas of inflammation while ensuring there are no additional underlying issues.

You will complete a health questionnaire that will inform us of your medical history, and shortly after we will be conducting a series of physical tests that assess your walking, posture and strength. 

We will conclude the session with an explanation of your condition, the affected areas, a comprehensive detailed plan for success including exercises and stretches and additional activities that can be done at home.


Treatment Outcomes

Every individual is different, and so are their specific injuries. While multiple physio sessions a week are encouraged for a speedy recovery, specific recovery time cannot be guaranteed.

Depending on the extent of your injury and the level of commitment to recovery, Premier Care Physio will help you determine an accurate timeline for recovery.

On average, minor issues require 2 to 3 sessions of physiotherapy before seeing full effects, while soft tissue or chronic injuries take an average of 8 weeks for the pain to meliorate.

Further questions and concerns can be directly addressed to our physiotherapists.


Choosing Our Yonge Street Physio

Our treatment center will help you reduce stress on your joints, improve your muscle strength and ensure your muscles are properly positioned. Premier Care Physio offers a range of personalized services that will meet your needs. 

We dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of health amongst our clients by combining unparalleled customer satisfaction and extended physiotherapy knowledge.

To maximize your rehabilitation and boost your return to daily activities pain-free, contact us at manager@premiercarephysio.com

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