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Susan Rudnick

 I am grateful for the exercise program offered by Premier Care Physiotherapy. I have learned how to better manage pain due to severe osteoarthritis in my hip. I can walk for pleasure again which was my number one goal. I can move better and get more done in my home. Thank you Mary.


Maryam Abtahi

I had a terrible pain in my Neck and shoulder which I couldn’t even move my hand, but after their treatment, I could feel a big difference in the first day.
They are both professional and knowledgeable and did the best treatment for me, plus they are so nice and friendly. Their calm behavior made me so relaxed during the therapy.
Thank you so much for your great service.


Ralph Addison

While ago, I slipped on an icy parking lot and fell, landing on my left hip and shoulder. My left knee quadriceps tendon was fully torn from the knee, requiring surgery in order to walk. Also my left shoulder range of motion was much diminished as a result of the impact. Following tendon repair surgery at North York Hospital I had several OHIP physiotherapy sessions at home to start the recovery. I decided to seek out an independent physiotherapist to lead me down the path to full recovery. Of the two I investigated Ali stood out because of his lengthy experience and exceptional level of education. The bonus turned out to be that Ali is exceptionally personable and talks with obvious knowledge about a wide range of subjects which greatly helps to pass the time as the two of us worked together on my recovery. I was 80 years old when the injury occurred which adds a degree of challenge to achieve a satisfactory recovery. We began with a high content of passive exercises and gradually added more content of independent exercises, some aided with the use of special physiotherapy machines he has at his office. Together we persevered and after several months I could resume most normal activities and ultimately was back curling three times a week and golfing in the summer. I could not have hoped for a better result. I got my life back.


Antony Clark

I have seen many specialists prior to visiting Dr Ali Zareh. His knowledge and treatment has been first class. I can fully endorse his IMS treatment, having personally experienced fantastic results with this.


Barb Burns

I have used all of their services — massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractor (acupuncture). The staff is great — knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I have been going to this clinic for 4 years and will keep doing so. They have helped me a lot.


Inna Pushkova

Premier Care Physiotherapy is a great team of people who will take care of any patient with passion and great knowledge and expertise. I called a few places in Richmond Hill and left some messages to see if I can get some help. Ali called me back almost right away and after understanding my case he suggested to come and see Mary. She took such a good care of me from day one. She listen carefully all my feedback, created a treatment plan and modified it accordingly as we were going trough different stages of my condition. She provided enormous support, explanations and used all her skills and experience to help me with the pain and lack of mobility. During all my visits I felt welcomed, safe (considering that all personnel and patients were wearing masks, had one patient at a time, and were cleaning rooms after each visit) and taking care of! It was very easy to communicate with their office- huge thank you to the receptionists, who were always sending out receipts and reminders about the next appointment on a timely fashion! It is an amazing group of knowledgeable people who perform their work and putting their heart to it, thank you!!!!


Julia Ash

Mary Kazem is absolutely the best! She helped me recover from so much pain (tendonitis in my wrist and knee pain), I just can’t believe it! The exercises she told me to do are so simple yet very effective. She’s so kind and pleasant to chat with that I was a bit sad when it was my last session. Highly recommend!!


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