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Thinking about receiving chiropractic treatment for the first time? Chiropractic care can help with various different issues, tensions, and pain within your body, even helping your nervous system and any neurological pain you might have.  

Premier Care Physiotherapy aims to make your first chiropractic session as informative and goes as smoothly as possible to make sure you feel comfortable. Providing chiropractic care in Richmond Hill, we use our chiropractic skills and expertise to treat anything from neurological pain to custom foot orthotics in Richmond Hill.


First Step; Learning About You

Before you step into the treatment it’s important for a chiropractor to fully understand you, your needs, and your body. Things such as medical history, current health condition, and any isolated injuries can change what kind of treatment you could receive, along with your profession and what muscles you typically use and how. With this, they not only understand how to approach you and your issues but also learn about your health goals and needs from these sessions.

Next up would be a more physical exam, determining the range of motion, muscle strength, and reflexes are important as well. The neck and spine is a very important part of all of this because it is the core of chiropractic care. 


The First Appointment And Getting The Relief You Need

Now that a chiropractor knows your body, needs, and goals they can get started on your personalized care. The first adjustment you receive will be on a comfortable padded table specifically made for chiropractic treatments, letting you lay and relax into the padding while they get to work. As mentioned before your back is the core of chiropractic care so typically things such as adjusting your spine and back adjustments are first done. You may notice after even just the first session you feel relieved and have reduced pain. 

Depending on your condition it’s not unlikely to be recommended multiple sessions. People with chronic pain, people who have multiple issues, or people with a high level of discomfort will benefit the most from having multiple sessions and ongoing care.  Once again this depends on you and your condition; for some people, it could be weekly or bi-weekly and then slowly decreasing the frequency of treatments as your goal comes within reach. Your plan will be fully personalized to you, your body, goals, specific needs, and pain.


Can Chiropractic Care Help For A Pinched Nerve?

Chiropractic care is a perfect weapon against nerve issues and neurological painfully going in to address it at the root and work on fixing it through spinal manipulation and specialized chiropractic adjustments. By bringing your body into alignment a lot of the pressure you feel on your nerves is relieved. This not only relieves the pain but aids in your body starting to heal, providing not just temporary pain relief but long term healing.

Many studies, including ones done by the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society, have found that spinal adjustments are fully safe and effective in reducing back pain and intensity. Plus a Chiropractic treatment has the benefit of being drug-free, non-surgical, and totally non-invasive. This great news for anyone with allergies or specific health conditions that have limitations on what kind of treatment they can receive.


Ready To Start Living Your Life Without Neurological Pain Once Again?

There’s no need to continue living your life in agony anymore. Meet with our professional chiropractors for a free consultation to determine the best fully personalized approach for you.

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