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Surgical procedures can be extremely difficult on the human body. Whether it is a small procedure or a major operation done, part of the healing process is ensuring that you complete your post surgery physiotherapy. Although the bulk of the importance is usually placed on the operation, the recovery portion is equally as important so that you are able to heal after an invasive procedure.

Often, your physician will also provide a referral for physiotherapy before your surgery is scheduled. The process of your recovery will be different depending on the procedure you are having. It can vary from exercises to help you use an assistive device or simple exercises that helps to minimize your pain prior to the surgery. This is important to get you comfortable and ready for the procedure. Once your operations is completed, your physician wants to ensure that you gain the strength and physical function that you had previously. These sessions are dedicated to helping your progress, adjusting for any changes in your responses.

Physical therapy is essential for a fully successful operation. Premier Care Physiotherapy’s goal is to ensure that this part of the process is complete so that you can recover efficiently. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of having post-surgery treatment and how our Richmond Hill location can help:

How does post-surgery therapy help me?

Part of the surgical process is the healing portion. Although your body is designed to heal itself over time, assistance can make that process more comfortable for you. There are a variety of needs that you will require to be met before you are fully healed.

Physiotherapy helps to enhance the healing process

The healing process requires additional care and attention. You want to avoid any postoperative complications, which can include scarring of your tissue, a limited range of motion, and loss of muscle mass. If you are not careful, these issues can escalate into bigger problems during your healing process. Physiotherapy can provide resources and support for a patient.

Technology has also become advanced enough to provide tools that expedite healing. For example, cold therapy systems have been known to help damaged tissues heal quicker, giving your body an additional push to recover.

Postoperative therapy can help you regain mobility

Mobility encompasses more than your ability to walk. If you undergo surgery that affects your joints, it will be difficult to move that area afterward. Physiotherapy will help you regain the mobility that is lost. The process will take you through phases of strengthening your muscles in that area. This can encompass routine exercises that will support and push your joints to become stronger. After several sessions of physiotherapy, it should help you regain flexibility and your range of motion.

Physiotherapy will provide a safe space for you to recover safely

Attending your postoperative therapy will help you recover safely and comfortably. Physical therapy is designed to build good habits that will increase the strength of the area that was operated on. Professional physical therapists are there to advise and assist as there may be certain forms of walking and moving that are better for your healing. This will help to avoid any complications that may arise.

What if you do not complete physical therapy after your surgery?

There are several issues that may arise if you do not go through post-surgery therapy. Difficulties and complications that could have been prevented, will occur.

Potential Re-injury

After surgery, your body is going through a recovery stage that leaves it vulnerable. Not having postoperative treatments may put unnecessary strains and pressure onto your body parts. This can result in another injury from the same area. It is common to have joints or injuries happen again when they are in such a fragile state. Physiotherapy helps to identify potential risks to avoid.

Prolonged Recovery

The duration of your recovery may be prolonged if you do not partake in physical therapy. The exercises are meant to enhance your recovery so that it is safe and quick. It has been proven that patients that go through pre and postoperative treatments have performed significantly better. They are able to improve their quality of life after having physiotherapy.


Patients are often fearful of physical therapy, as it might be a confusing and fearful process for those that have not gone through the process. Some are worried about the financial burden or time needed to attend these sessions but they are crucial to your health. Beyond having a safe and fast recovery, it provides a basis for you to build good habits for your injured area.

Surgery is harmful and invasive, regardless of how minor or major the procedure is. Going through that can put your body at a lot of stress, which is why professional physiotherapists should be the ones to help you find the proper physical therapy path to recovery.

Contact our team in Richmond Hill today to learn more about the post-surgical rehabilitation services that we provide and how it can benefit you.

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