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If you have been experiencing chronic pain and you’re looking for a medical alternative that gives you efficient results, our chiropractic clinic in Richmond Hill has your answer! Medical acupuncture!

Acupuncture is used to stimulate the central nervous systems and used to release chemicals into the spinal cords, muscles and brain. These biochemical changes accelerate the body’s healing mechanisms and promote physical and emotional well-being that our trained Yonge street physio staff can administer safely.


What conditions can be treated with medical acupuncture?

A wide variety of conditions can be treated with medical acupuncture. Currently, the treatment is used to treat chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions that include:

  • Chronic tension-type headaches and migraines
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Dental and postoperative discomfort

When medical acupuncture is administered by a qualified practitioner, treatments are effective and safe. Our professional staff is fully trained and experienced to provide you with the best acupuncture treatment possible while answering any queries and concerns you may have before the session.


How does medical acupuncture work?

An initial medical acupuncture session usually lasts 20 minutes to an hour and involves an assessment of your general health, a physical examination and your medical history that may interfere with the treatment. After we have acquired all the necessary information about your health, we can proceed with the treatment.

Your treatment begins by being asked to lie down and to remove the necessary clothing in the area of discomfort. The needles are inserted into specific places on the body that are also known as the acupuncture points that are inserted into the area that requires medical alleviation.

The needles may be inserted just under the skin, or a little deeper to access the appropriate area. Once the needles are inserted, they may be left in place for a maximum of 30 minutes to encourage blood flow to the area. While most patients do not experience any pain during their session, some may feel a dull ache in the area where the needles were inserted.


How many medical acupuncture treatments do I need to see results?

The timeline of your results will depend on a variety of different factors that can be:

  • How chronic your injury is. If you have been experiencing long-term pain in your knee from the injury you got in high school, it will take you longer to find relief than the individual who just sprained their ankle. The more recent the injury, the faster the treatment will work.
  • How many treatments you do. Think of medical acupuncture as fitness exercises – the more you do them, the stronger your body will get. If you come in once a month, you will see faster results than if you come in once every three months.
  • How fast your body naturally heals. Sometimes, the younger you are the higher the chances of fully recovering. While this is not always the case, studies have shown that younger individuals require fewer treatments to alleviate their symptoms than older clients.


Is medical acupuncture covered by health insurance?

Most Canadian health insurance companies will cover medical acupuncture. Contact your company insurance directly for the best answer, and if there are any limits to how many sessions they will cover fully.


Choose medical acupuncture for your symptoms with our professional chiropractic clinic in Richmond Hill!

If you are still unsure about getting medical acupuncture for your condition, we are always available for a consultation. We can advise you on if treatments are the best option for you, or if one of our other medical services can be better suited for your full recovery.

Contact us here for a free 15-minute consultation today and discuss your options with one of our experts!

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