During this time, you might be working from home, restricting your ability to move freely. This generally results in joint stiffness, muscle tightness, reduced flexibility and increased pain.


Live Online Physiotherapy From Home

Premier Care Physiotherapy is now offering Telerehab/Telephysiotherapy/Virtual Physiotherapy sessions over smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is a safe, convenient and effective way to relieve your pain symptoms as you might not be able to attend your regular physio sessions.

At your remote Telerehab session, our trained physiotherapists advise you 1-on-1 on exercises and stretches that you can do at home to maintain your mobility, flexibility and manage your pain.



If you have extended health physio coverage, most insurance companies will pay for the Telerehab visit. We provide direct billing to most major insurance companies or you can pay for your Telerehab session by credit card and receive your invoice by email or direct mail.


Book an appointment for your first Telerehab session

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Email: manager@premiercarephysio.com

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