Sports injuries are a real and looming threat to any athletes or people regularly physically active. All it can take is one mistake and stumble or just constant wear and tear build-up to put you out of commission for a while.

The recovery and treatment period is a very important time in terms of getting you back to full health and ability that’s why at our physiotherapy clinic in Richmond Hill we take your treatment very seriously. Our sports therapy clinic is committed to giving you hands-on treatment to suit your condition and injury providing the best relief possible.


After a Sports Injury and The Recovery Process

This is a critical time in determining how well your injury will heal and how your body will regain strength and muscle. Depending on the injury and its severity there is a possibility of surgery and immediate medical care. After most injuries you will need a period of rest to help the injury recover a bit, lessening inflammation and pain. The injury will need time to heal internally before it can start to heal externally and return back to its condition before.

One thing in common with all injuries no matter the severity is that your full recovery is in your own hands. Especially after surgery your muscles and ligaments will be weak and potentially unable to even perform basic tasks you would have thought barely use your muscles.


What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is integral to helping you fully recover from your injury and regain the strength and flexibility you once had. The development and care will be personally fitted to you, depending on past injuries, the condition of your muscles and the injured area, your goals or objectives in the future depending on what sport or activity you participate in, and other concerns.

Physiotherapists work closely with you to determine your condition, determine your range of motion, assess your muscles, and the requirements of your sport to build a specialized exercise program to give you the best results. These exercise programs consist of various stretches and exercises to improve your strength and mobility while balancing rest to make sure not to overstress and worsen the condition.


Why Physiotherapy?

Without physiotherapy and the proper direction, it can be very easy to push yourself too far, trying to speed up the recovery period or overexerting yourself and hurting the injury even further, possibly past the point of no recovery.

The recovery time of your injury is integral to how it will heal and function, possibly for the rest of your life. So it’s very important to take it carefully and to make sure that the process goes smoothly no matter how slow and arduous it may seem.

Physiotherapists are trained to recognize your condition, the development and progress of your rehabilitation, and accommodate accordingly. Each treatment needs to be different depending on the injury and the type of activity associated. So a knee injury from football is different from one from swimming, with both athletes using their legs and muscles differently and thus needing to focus on developing back up different muscles and flexibility.


Enjoy a Full and Active Life Again

Don’t wait to fully recover from an injury! The faster you get started and get a full consultation and exercise plan the faster you can get back to doing what you love without pain or discomfort.

Premier Care Physiotherapy has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to guide you through and give you the best plan for you, your goals, and your needs. Don’t let your injury hold you back anymore and regain your full fitness today!

Call us at (905)-237-7174 or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.

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