Some of the most common physical injuries are sports-related. With contact- and collision-heavy sports like hockey and football, such types of injuries are hard to avoid.


Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with the pain that stems from these types of accidents. A trusted Richmond Hill physiotherapy and sports rehab can make your journey to pain relief much easier and get you back to full mobility in next to no time.


Overview of Sports Injuries – What’s Actually Going on in Your Body

Sports injuries are really injuries that affect your musculoskeletal system – bones, tissues, muscles and cartilages. Naturally, the nature and extent of these injuries vary from one patient to the next and it takes the right exercise program to maintain your strength and flexibility so as to recover quickly.


If a sports injury isn’t properly diagnosed and treated, there is the risk of a worsening of the condition. Even simple injuries today could add up to cognitive problems, concussions and overuse issues later on. The safest thing to do? Reach out to a certified physiotherapist as soon as you sustain an injury of this nature. 


Physiotherapy greatly helps with injuries like;

– Strains and sprains

– Muscle, tendon and ligament issues

– Hand injuries

– Shoulder and collarbone dislocations

– Foot or ankle dysfunctions

– Post-surgery rehab


How Are Sports Injuries Diagnosed?

Some sports injuries are easy to diagnose and it’s just a matter of feeling the sore area. Others prove to be more of a challenge. The obvious injuries are things like cuts, grazes or dislocations – superficial wounds.


Things that might not be so easy to spot instantly are soft tissue damage and fractures. These types of injuries have no visible indicators and hence, may require a thorough examination before your doctor is able to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. 


When you approach a qualified sports therapy clinic in Richmond Hill like Premier Care Physiotherapy, your doctor will first piece together your medical profile by taking you through a standard list of questions pertaining to your medical history and ongoing medications (if any). The injury in question will then be investigated through a series of tests that include X-rays, MRI or CT scans – depending on what your situation calls for.

At this juncture, your physiotherapist may also require you to do some light physical exercises to test the degree of the injury and spot any mobility issues.


Result-Oriented Treatment of Sports Injuries

Premier Care’s physiotherapists are healthcare professionals with training and expertise in the musculoskeletal system. 


The first step is to accurately diagnose your condition and this is where our extensive training works in your favour. We work on reducing the pain and swelling and then move on to progressive reconditioning. 


The physiotherapist will work with you closely to examine muscle imbalances, range of motion issues and the functional requirements for that specific sport. For instance, a baseball pitcher will require shoulder stabilization programs and a basketball athlete will require polymeric (strength) training.


Communication is key in your physiotherapy sessions and you must convey any and all symptoms of your injury as soon as you notice them. 


Your physiotherapist will set a list of short- and long-term recovery goals and assess these closely on a week-by-week basis to see if your body is responding to these treatment objectives. 


Exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist will target specific mobility, flexibility, joint positioning goals. You will be required to do these in the presence of your physiotherapist initially to ensure that it’s being done right. 


If your doctor notices that you’re not responding to treatment, they will reevaluate treatment goals and revise your exercise programs. 


Premier Care Physiotherapy is Dedicated to Giving You a Safe and Quick Recovery

Sports injury rehab is important for you to return to the sport you love as safely and quickly as possible. Premier Care Physiotherapy is committed to delivering leading clinical care for athletes of all ages and medical profiles.


Our treatments are performed under the highest standards of medical safety so that you can reach your recovery goals without unwanted side effects. 


The road to recovery starts right here. Get a qualified physiotherapist to take a look at that injury today. 

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