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Massage therapy can be a wonderful medical practice to restore your body to optimal health. From reducing stress and anxiety to relieving chronic pain, massage therapy can do much more than help you feel more flexible. If you’re still hesitant on what massage therapy can do for you, we’ll run through some of the processes and benefits. 

Premier Care Physiotherapy is a chiropractic clinic based in Richmond Hill. We provide exceptional RMT massages for people who want to improve their overall health and wellness. Our Yonge Street Physio clinic has the most experienced physiotherapists on hand to deliver the best medical procedure for your service. 

To learn more about how RMT can help you, call us now at (905)-237-7174. We’ll provide some compelling insight on what RMT can treat, the many benefits people can take away from it, and how our physiotherapists are the right people for the job. 


What is an RMT Massage? 

Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) is a treatment that involves manipulating the body’s soft tissues to reduce discomfort caused by everyday stress and wear. This can include targeting areas in the body such as muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints to address both short and long term chronic pain conditions. RMT is a viable healthcare option for those who are dealing with injury rehabilitation, illnesses, or disabilities and is generally a safe practice done by experienced professionals. 


Is There a Difference Between Massage and Massage Therapy?

A regular massage is done casually with the purpose of helping you relax and temporarily relieve stress. It’s a great thing to do while on vacation or a spa date, but registered massage therapy is different in the way it produces concrete medical results.

Medical procedures like RMT are done to help someone alleviate pain or tension or an ailment or condition in a specific part of their body. They are often referred by a physician or doctor with your specific needs in mind and a more individualized healing process.

Regular massages usually focus on rest and relaxation while RMT is a thoroughly planned process to help you get where you would like to be and help heal recurring or critical injuries and conditions. 


What are the Benefits of an RMT Massage?

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, RMT can have many benefits to improve your healing and overall wellness. For issues with the body’s muscle and tissues, RMT can reduce and heal  built up muscle tension, lower back and neck pain, osteoarthritis in the knee, and post-surgery pain. It can also help you improve your sleep, headaches, migraines, blood pressure, and range of motion. 

RMT has also been suggested to improve recurring conditions like depression, dementia, and the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There are many more benefits you can reap from a registered massage therapy session and the long term benefits are well worth going through its thorough process. 


How Can Premier Care Help Me? 

Premier Care Physiotherapy employs some of the best and experienced physiotherapists at the head of operations. Our wonderful team is well-equipped and dedicated to the needs and interests of the patient. We offer a hands-on, highly personalized treatment plan for them to follow and execute when it matters. 

Overall, we strongly believe our approach to RMT will help prevent, develop, maintain, and rehabilitate your overall physical function and relieve recurring chronic pain. 


I’m Interested in an RMT Massage. How Do I Get in Touch? 

If you’re interested in learning more about RMT and our other physiotherapy options, feel free to call us at (905)-237-7174 or send us an email to manager@premiercarephysio.com. You can also send us any of your thoughts, questions, or concerns using our contact form if you wish. 

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