Don’t Let Yourself Live In Pain Any Longer

Hip and knee pain are difficult ailments to live with. According to a Canada-wide survey, osteoarthritis and related disorders are among the leading causes of pain and discomfort affecting the knees and hips; approximately 1 in 10 Canadian adults reported being affected by chronic discomfort or pain related to those regions of the body.

The knee is especially subject to joint disorders and bone density issues, being one of the most frequently affected joints and causing discomfort for many people. Often, because there feels like so few options to alleviate the pain, people are driven to try over-the-counter fixes to address the problem and to ideally surgery.

The knees and hips are crucial, complex areas of the body. They’re major contributors to our incredible range of motion and movement potential as human beings. There are several tendons and muscle groups that are interconnected in these areas of the body, and they help you to move in a functional, streamlined way.

However, if these areas suffer damage or are impacted by such chronic illness as a musculoskeletal disorder, it can become prohibitively difficult to do the things you normally would.

Thankfully, physiotherapy offers proven solutions to help mitigate some of your mechanical ills; if you are struggling with mild or debilitating pain in your knees or hips, here is your sign of hope: Physiotherapy has proven solutions.

What’s The Cause Of Hip And Knee Pain?

There are a number of causes for hip pain, among the most common of them being arthritis and sprains.

Arthritis – typically osteoarthritis – tends to be the most common culprit for hip and knee pains. This occurs when cartilage tissue in the hip breaks down, which decreases the ability of the joint to absorb shock or impact. Osteoarthritis can develop due to weight gain, age, or certain injuries at the joint area. Individuals suffering from the condition typically report stiffness or difficulty standing for prolonged periods of time. Sciatica occurs when the eponymous nerve is pinched, typically due to muscle strains or the herniation of a disc. Sciatica pain often manifests itself in the hip area and can be felt throughout the lower back and leg areas. 

In the same vein as hip pain, the causes of knee pain are numerous; the most common culprits being arthritis or injury. Knee injuries usually affect the surrounding ligaments and connective tissues. Symptoms of knee pain may include difficulty moving to a standing position from a sitting one, difficulty walking normally, or bearing any load. Another classic symptom is an uncomfortable and sometimes unnerving ‘clicking’ sensation when moving the knee. 

Will Physiotherapy Help With My Knee And Hip Pain?

The goal of every physiotherapy specialist is to help reduce your pain and improve your functional mobility. At your initial appointment, our team will help guide you through a thorough physical evaluation to help determine what the best course of action will be for you. After we’ve gauged what approach to pursue, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you based on your specific needs, that will be focused on increasing your strength, improving your overall motion, and most importantly, addressing the source of your pain.

Treatment regimens generally consist of both in-clinic and at-home treatments. More passive approaches may include icing the area and using heat pads to alleviate pain, ultrasound or electrical stimulation, or massage therapies. Active treatments may include exercises that are designed specific to your condition and physical ability. All of these share the goal of meaningfully reducing your pain and accelerating your healing process. 

Physiotherapy is a natural and straightforward approach to addressing pain and promoting healing, and in many cases it can even eliminate the need for strong pharmaceuticals and intensive surgical procedures. Suffering from hip or knee pain can grind your life to a halt, but you do not have to accept that as a fact of life: our experienced and capable team will get to the heart of your problem and together we will come up with a plan to tackle it.

Ready To Give Physiotherapy A Shot?

Physiotherapy is an effective set of practices that has withstood the test of time, being not only safe, but effectively. More than anything, the goal is to leave you with meaningful and lifelong results that give you back your freedom and agency from a time before your injury or illness. We encourage and invite you to reach out if you have any questions, or would otherwise like to discuss what we can do for you. 

Schedule your appointment with us today and let us get you started on a path to recovery and lifetime relief!

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