Medical acupuncture is a specialized treatment that’s gaining popularity among amateur and professional athletes. It can improve your body’s overall immune system and may result in elevated athletic performance and dynamics. It has also been demonstrated to reduce pain and inflammation, contributing to a healthier blood circulation that lowers your anxiety and receives tense muscles. The treatment is also always administered by a trained professional 

At Premier Care Physiotherapy, we provide excellent chiropractic services and medical acupuncture to help you reach a relaxed lifestyle. We care deeply about your overall well-being and want to help athletes like you stay healthy and at their athletic peak. 

Medical acupuncture is one such method that can help improve your bodily condition. We’ll go over how it may help with athletic performance, how frequent sessions can reduce pain, and how the process can help athletes recover faster to where they were before. 

How Does Medical Acupuncture Help Athletic Performance?

For athletes undergoing medical acupuncture, the procedure can do wonders for their athletic performance. The process begins with a professional safely inserting sterile, disposable, hair-thin needles into specific points of your body. You won’t feel a thing because acupuncture is an effective, personalized therapeutic treatment that relieves tension in your muscles and improves blood circulation. It’s an alternative holistic treatment that works to restore your body’s natural state of balance and helps improve its ability to heal faster. 

In addition to reducing pain, medical acupuncture can also relieve inflammation and improve your energy levels and sleep cycles. This can lead to reduced muscle soreness and fatigue, helping you get the proper recovery you need after each intense training session or game. More specifically on sleep, acupuncture has been shown to help you get a good night’s rest to allow your muscles to recover better when they’re needed most. 

Another reason why athletes should consider medical acupuncture is to prevent future injuries and improve their range and motion flexibility. Trained acupuncturists adopt a proactive approach by assessing your entire body to find areas of tightness and discomfort. They can stem from factors such as posture, exercise form, overuse, and muscle imbalances. Medical acupuncture aims to relieve your muscles of pain and keep them loose and hydrated. It helps you get ahead of potential injuries and maintain your overall flexibility. 

Lastly, medical acupuncture can also be used as a recovery tool post-exercise. After a hard workout or before an exercise routine, the treatment helps to relax the body, increase your overall power, and boost muscle endurance. Acupuncture has also been shown to be effective in improving your focus and concentration by reducing anxiety and heightened cognitive function. All these features can help you perform at your best when necessary, especially if you’re at a big athletic event. 

Frequent acupuncture sessions have helped reduce the overall pain you may feel on a daily basis. 

How Does Frequent Medical Acupuncture Reduce Pain?

To improve your pain tolerance, the inserted needles from the acupuncture points will release special endorphins that work as your body’s natural painkiller. These endorphins provide rapid, long-lasting relief that helps athletes recover and move around much better after a single treatment. By targeting the source of the pain, it helps to decrease muscle inflammation, improve range of motion, and boost your immune systems. The process also accomplishes this without the use of drugs or painkillers stimulating your nervous system. 

Frequent medical acupuncture sessions will not only reduce your physical pain but also your general mood through the release of the endorphins. Moreover, the treatment can be used in conjunction with other treatments or ointments if needed. 

Now that we’ve gone over the many benefits of medical acupuncture, let’s go over how it improves your body’s healing process. 

How Does Medical Acupuncture Help Athletes Recover Faster?

A tough workout or athletic performance puts significant demand on your body. As we discussed, without the proper maintenance and care taken, it can result in further injuries and serious pain. That’s where medical acupuncture is most useful, applied during in-between training sessions or after a performance to reduce muscle fatigue and body aches. It can facilitate a speedy recovery for athletes by enhancing their energy and allowing the muscle tissues to rebuild themselves. 

Medical acupuncture promotes neurological and cardiovascular balance in your body to prevent future injuries, reduce pain, and recover quickly. It’s a safe process that is always done by a trained medical professional looking out for your best interests. 

Contact Premier Care Physiotherapy today to learn more about Medical Acupuncture and how it can help athletes like yourself. It may be just the right treatment for you. 

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