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Get your head (and body) in the game! Injuries can occur at any point in sports; whether you twisted your ankle in soccer, sprained your wrist in hockey or pulled your back in curling, it’s important to treat them before conditions worsen. If you have been searching for an expert physio for knee arthritis in Richmond Hill, we are your answer!

Premier Care provides physiotherapy for pain relief in Richmond Hill, skilled in the areas of assessing muscle imbalance, ranges of motion and helping you get back on your feet pain-free.

If you live a healthy and active lifestyle, you will be prone to musculoskeletal injuries that can keep you from enjoying the activities you love. Here’s how we help you stay off the bench and on the field.


Physiotherapy Treats the Most Common Sport-Related Injuries

An old injury can flare up again if it’s not taken care of properly, in the same way that a minor incident can further damage the affected area. Our physiotherapy center is dedicated to increasing patient mobility and alleviating painful symptoms. 

The most common sports injuries occur in every range of athletes; from the professional football player to the weekend walker. Here are the most common sports injuries:

  • Knee Injuries – Including runner’s knee, dislocated ligaments and tendonitis.
  • Shin Splints – your tibia, or shin bone, is one of the largest bones in your body. This bone can be aggravated due to a lack of orthopedic support poor alignment of the body.
  • Sprains – An unexpected fall or an aggressive blow to the body causes the joint to be knocked out of position. Most common in ankles and wrists.
  • Strains – Caused from overstretching or involuntary pulling of a muscle, strains are common in neck and back injuries.


How Our Physiotherapy Center Enhances Your Body Mobility

A minor sports injury can snowball into a major complication if it’s not immediately seen by a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy improves balance, flexibility and strength while helping your body circulate regular blood flow to joints and muscles. 

Don’t wait for an injury to occur to seek help from our skilled physiotherapists. Here is how ongoing sessions will help you decrease your chances of injury and increase your minutes in the game:


Injury and Illness Recovery
Identifying potential injuries and treating them promptly will reduce the chances of them further impacting your lifestyle. Our clinic will be able to assist you in developing exercises to strengthen the areas you use most (shoulders, wrists, knees) to lessen the chances of sprains and swelling.


Strains occur due to tight muscles, while repetitive movements can cause tissue imbalances resulting in injuries. By strengthening the unused muscles, physiotherapy will enable your body to perform to its peak mobility. 


Circulates Blood Flow
A healthy blood flow speeds up recovery time and energizes your body to keep going. Strategic physiotherapist movements help boost healthy blood circulation to alleviate pain on command and help your body restore its full mobility.


Our collaborative team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, and exercise therapists will create a plan that is both safe and effective to help you get back in the game. Our range of services include:


✔ Soft tissue massage to help reduce tightness and swelling
✔ Joint mobilization to relieve tension, stiffness and increase joint motion
✔ Balance exercises to improve core strength and boost fitness ranges
✔ Stretching methods to increase mental relaxation, reduce tissue tension and alleviate muscle soreness


Don’t Strike Out | Call Our Center for Physiotherapy for Pain Relief in  Richmond Hill

Consult one of our physiotherapists to get a full-body assessment and will get back in the game pain-free. Contact us today at manager@premiercarephysio.com

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