As part of their professional training and experience, a licensed physiotherapist can provide you with helpful Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation planning that meets your specific needs. Whether you’ve been involved in a big accident or preparing for surgery, it’s important you schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist to know what to do before and after you go under the knife. A complete physical assessment will benefit both you and your physiotherapist in creating the right pre and post surgical plan for your injury or condition. 

At Premier Care Physiotherapy, we’re a physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic based in Richmond Hill that is owned and operated by medical professionals that care for your health. We will work with you to regain your full fitness and coordinate your recovery towards an active lifestyle. Our physiotherapy treatments will help you improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, and improved range of motion during the pre/post surgical rehabilitation process. 

Pre-operative physiotherapy and post-operative physiotherapy are important steps towards your recovery from a surgery. We will go over the details of what each step entails for a patient. 

What Is Pre-Operative Physiotherapy?

Pre-operative physiotherapy occurs prior to any scheduled surgery procedure on body parts such as the hip, knee, or ankle. A registered physiotherapist will provide a preoperative examination and treatment plan. This will greatly help you prepare for your upcoming surgical procedure. The purpose of pre-operative physiotherapy measures is to get a baseline of information such as the location and severity of your pain, your overall functional abilities and strength, range of motion, and breathing pattern among others. It also takes into account whether or not you need specialized equipment at home after the surgery is performed

Pre-operative physiotherapy reduces the length of stay in intensive care facilities and can lead to a faster recovery. A few sessions of physiotherapy exercises will make the healing process more easier and effective and can also reduce any further complications. You need as much strength and immunity built up through pre-operative methods in order to keep your physical fitness in great condition. 

What Is Post Surgical Physiotherapy?

Post-surgical physiotherapy treatments often begin as soon as your doctor gives the approval. Simple exercises and techniques are provided after the surgery to help decrease stiffness and pain, as well as progress towards recovery. 

Post-surgical rehabilitation is useful in a variety of surgical procedures such as cardiac, thoracic, orthopedic, neurological, and abdominal surgery just to name a few. The role of a professionally trained physiotherapist is to help you live a healthy life after you’ve undergone invasive surgery, whether it’s through massages, medication, or creating an exercise plan. As such, some of the benefits of these treatment methods include improving your blood circulation to mitigate blood clot formations, reducing pain and swelling, and regaining lost strength and stamina. 

Our physiotherapists will discuss any post-surgical precautions and/or restrictions with you to make sure you are comfortable before and after your surgery. We’ll instruct you on how to perform your daily activities in a safe manner or how to use assistive devices like a cane or walker. You may also be given exercises to perform at home in order to minimize any pain and dysfunction. 

Depending on your recovery progress and the severity of your injury, multiple sessions of post-surgical physiotherapy and rehabilitation may be needed to help you get back to feeling like yourself again. 

What Is The Difference Between Prehab And Rehab?

Pre and post-surgical rehab are essentially a variety of physiotherapy techniques applied on patients either before and after a surgery is performed. Any type of rehabilitation can be beneficial for just about any type of surgical procedure and can be a great contributing factor towards recovery. 

Our team consists of many trained physiotherapists that can put together a comprehensive pre/post surgical rehabilitation plan for anyone preparing for surgery or looking for ways to feel better again after going through it. We’ll provide one-on-one treatment sessions to closely monitor your progress and adjust accordingly, based on the recommendations of your doctor. 

At Premier Care Physiotherapy, we’ll provide exceptional pre/post-surgical rehabilitation to help you return to your best level of health and physical function. Contact us today at (905) 237-7174 to book a free consultation at our clinic or a remote appointment to get things started. Work with our physiotherapist team now to ensure a healthy and stable recovery process. 

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