Physiotherapy sessions are an integral part to keep us going, ensuring regular physical activities, treating musculature injuries and sprains. Especially, when we are all going through these unusual times, it’s tough to keep up with visiting medical clinics. Nevertheless, technology has given us an opportunity to attend virtual physiotherapy sessions. 

Premier Care Physiotherapy is one of the OHIP physiotherapy clinics in Richmond Hill offering Telerehab/Tele Physiotherapy/Virtual Physiotherapy sessions over a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Isn’t it just the right service you’ve been looking for? Those who are unable to attend their physio sessions can continue at the convenience of home. We are not only one of the best chiropractic care providers in Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, but bring you the most effective Telerehab sessions in your living room during the pandemic. 


How does our virtual physiotherapy work?

During this time of crisis, an innovative approach to ease the stress level of our patients was mandatory and we couldn’t think anything better than virtual physio sessions for Ontarians in need of physiotherapy. This way it’s hassle-free for seniors and injured patients to get the care they deserve at home. Our online Telerehab sessions are very convenient as trained professionals provide 1-on-1 programs and exercises for your specific needs. These remote physio tours are designed to help you maintain mobility, flexibility, manage your pain and hold onto an active lifestyle.


Is my physio session covered?

Many of you might be wondering if your remote physiotherapy sessions are covered by insurance. The answer is yes, most of our services are covered under extended health plans, car insurance and workers’ compensation. If you’re covered with an extended health physio coverage, it’s most likely that most of the insurance companies will pay for your Telerehab session as we provide direct billing to the leading insurance companies. You can also pay for your remote Telerehab visit by credit card and receive your invoice by email or get it mailed directly to your residential address. 


How can virtual physiotherapy be beneficial for me? 

The methods used in virtual physiotherapy is quite similar to physical therapy at the clinic, the only major difference is that it’s virtual. However, there are several perks of obtaining a remote physio session, especially during these times when visiting a clinic is strictly not advised.  

Here are some benefits of a remote physiotherapy session you need to know:


Avoid getting dependent on medicine:

People turning to pain medications for fast relief from pain caused b injuries and chronic symptoms often deal with the side effects of the medications. However, physiotherapy is completely natural and can be obtained at the comfort of your home with the blessing of virtual therapies. Physiotherapy is a much safer option that helps you manage pain and mobility.


Customized one-on-one treatment: 

At Premier Care, we stress over providing you personalized treatments with 1-on-1 sessions designed to meet your requirements. When proper attention is given to each individual patient, it’s easier for you to discuss your specific condition and obtain optimal solutions virtually. 


Get back mobility after surgery: 

If you’ve gone through a surgical procedure recently, virtual physiotherapy during these times is a great option to retain mobility, flexibility and to deal with after surgery injuries. Taking regular physio stints helps to strengthen muscles, ease pain and rebuild flexibility.

Don’t sit back and let pain be your acquaintance, contact Premier Care Physiotherapy at 905-237-7174 to book your first Telerehab session. 

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