How many of you are taking care of your pelvic floor? Not many of us know about the muscles around the pelvic area and often miss taking care of them. As a woman, it is one of the major areas of healthcare to keep up with an active lifestyle. 


Pelvic floor physiotherapy is designed to examine the overall performance of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles play a crucial role in terms of keeping your internal muscles and organs stable. It supports your bladder, rectum and uterus and also the pelvic floor supports sexual intercourse and pumps liquid in the pelvis. After menopause and pregnancy, these pelvic muscles become weaker and need regular movement. That’s the time you need to consult a trusted physiotherapist. 


Don’t worry, we got you covered! If you are not sure about whom to consult or lacking proper knowledge and advice, then consult Premier Care Physiotherapy, one of the eminent pelvic floor clinics in Richmond Hill


We are there to offer you a free consultation to listen and provide instant solutions to all your physiotherapy related questions. At Premier Care one of our expert pelvic physiotherapists will examine your medical history and get an external assessment done, upon your first visit. We ensure the care you deserve!


How does pelvic floor physiotherapy work? 

Pelvic health physiotherapy involves an intense internal examination of your vaginal and rectal palpation to analyze the functionality level of your pelvic muscles. This assessment determines whether the pelvic floor is fragile, hyper or working in coordination with time. Moreover, this process goes simultaneously with a full-body movement screening, determining different motions and strength. 


When do you require pelvic health physiotherapy? 


As mentioned above, taking care of your pelvic is as important as any other major health concerns for women of all ages. Here are certain conditions that require pelvic health physiotherapy-


  • Women with typical pelvic ache and urinary infection symptoms.
  • Chronic myofascial pelvic pain.
  • Women athletes with extensive training routines. 
  • Pregnancy-related pain at the lower back or pelvic area.
  • Pelvic physiotherapy is a part of prenatal care or exercising during pregnancy.
  • Dismounted pelvic floor and dysfunctional traits


Benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy

There are several advantages of pelvic floor physiotherapy as it’s an effective method to improve the overall health of your pelvic zone.


Let’s take a tour on some of the benefits of pelvic physiotherapy


Get pregnancy ready!

A pregnant woman often encounter issues such as urinating frequently, feeling discomfort at the lower back, hip or the pelvic area. You can easily get rid of these pregnancy-related problems with the help of pelvic flo0or physiotherapy. It makes you learn how to relax the muscles at the pelvic area, perineal stretching and how to balance the pressure and ‘push’ smart during your delivery.


Make a strong pelvic core!

Several women athletes sense pain in the lower back and hip area while participating in heavy sports. Apart from that, some may also experience urinary leakage. The best way out of this issue is getting pelvic physiotherapy initiated to accomplish possible treatment. 


Post-pregnancy relief! 

Your natural post-pregnancy healing takes a prolonged period, during this time you may experience awful symptoms such as flabby abdominal, difficulty during intercourse, vaginal pressure, pain around the fresh stitches, etc. Nothing but regular pelvic exercise will make a useful impact in this case. For instant relief, do visit your local pelvic physiotherapist! 


If you have more questions about the process and advantages associated with pelvic floor physiotherapy, contact Premier Care Physiotherapy today to book a free consultation. 

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