motor vehicle injuries

Physiotherapy is an indispensable component of sports and motor vehicle injury rehabilitation. As a non-invasive form of treatment and promotion, this non-invasive therapy combines manual therapy, exercise prescription and education in order to restore strength, mobility and function for its patients. Motor vehicle injuries typically result from accidents, and can range from minor bruises and cuts to fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Physiotherapy for motor vehicle injuries helps patients regain function and independence through exercises, manual therapy and education programs; additionally it aims to minimize pain, swelling and inflammation and prevent long-term disability.

At the core of physiotherapy rehabilitation for sports and motor vehicle injuries is an initial assessment, consisting of an in-depth medical history review, physical exam, and functional testing. With this information in hand, a physiotherapist will then create an individualized treatment plan with exercises, manual therapy techniques and education as potential options. Exercise prescription is a core component of physical therapy rehabilitation. A physiotherapist will design an exercise program tailored specifically to each patient’s individual needs and goals, such as stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. Over time as the condition improves, progression will occur accordingly and guidance provided regarding correct technique or modifications needed as necessary.

Manual therapy is an integral component of sports and motor vehicle injury rehabilitation physiotherapy rehabilitation, featuring techniques such as massage, joint mobilization, and stretching that can reduce pain and stiffness while increasing circulation and hasten healing. Education is also an integral component of physiotherapy rehabilitation for sports and motor vehicle injuries. A physiotherapist will offer information regarding injury prevention, posture correction and body mechanics as well as methods to control pain management and avoid re-injury.

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