Hip and knee osteoarthritis is prevalent amongst Canadians that are 60 years and older, while those in their 30s are starting to experience joint discomfort and pain due to repetitive motions in sport and leading an active lifestyle. The GLA:D Program for osteoarthritis in Ontario is designed to help individuals address their hip and knee symptoms through a comprehensive exercise and education program.

The GLA:D Program in Ontario is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and is standardized by the developers in Denmark. Over the last decade, the GLA:D program has been implemented in various countries across Europe, Australia and North America. 

Our team of dedicated professionals in Richmond Hill can assess your circumstances and help you achieve your fitness goals even after you have completed the program. Your pain symptoms don’t have to hold you back any longer! Here’s how we implement the revolutionary GLA:D (Good Life with Osteoarthritis from Denmark) and give you long-term results and relief.


What is the GLA:D program?

The program’s purpose is to train the participants into safely maneuvering their bodies to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis. The GLA:D program includes strengthening and correcting daily movement patterns to reduce the patient’s pain and to eventually help them lead a pain-free lifestyle. 

We provide the GLA:D Program through the course of 12 one-hour sessions. Conducted twice a week over the course of six weeks, the sessions are conducted by certified therapists that will guide you through three parts:

  • The Warm-Up
    A 10-minute period where you will ride an exercise bike to be evaluated on your current body’s abilities. The difficulty of the warm-up gets more challenging with each session.


  • The Circuit Training
    The second portion of the session includes core stability, postural orientation, muscle strengthening in the legs and methodical training exercises. The difficulty is raised with each session, or when the patient can perform the exercises with ease. Additionally, the patient gets visual feedback of their movement and is educated on how to improve their stability once they complete the program.


  • The Cool-Down
    The session ends with walking and stretching exercises in front of a mirror so that the patient is able to see their body’s motions.


What are the benefits of the GLA:D Program?

A 32% pain reduction in osteoarthritis symptoms has been reported in the patients that have undergone the program. Additionally, pain intensity and frequency were reduced in most patients through the course of several sessions. Here are some advantages to the GLA:D program:

  • Improves muscle control and stabilization
  • Reduced instances of sick leave due to pain symptoms
  • Delaying and/or preventing knee and hip surgery
  • Increased levels of activity a year after completing the program
  • Decreased need for pain medication and invasive procedures

Additionally, the GLA:D program is covered by a majority of Canadian insurance companies, as it is included in your physiotherapy coverage. 


Do I qualify to participate in the GLA:D Program?

The great news is that most Canadians can qualify for the GLA:D program! During the 12 week course, we can record your progress and help you increase the levels of activity that have held you back due to your knee and/or hip osteoarthritis.

Our physiotherapy and wellness clinic will assess your symptoms, and provide you with a complete overview of potential outcomes during the GLA:D program. We are dedicated to helping you live a pain-free lifestyle while progressing you through the sessions. 


Regain Your Active Lifestyle and Experience Long-Term Relief with the GLA:D Program for Osteoarthritis in Ontario!

Our team of licensed physiotherapists and kinesiologists can help you regain your active lifestyle while diminishing your osteoarthritis discomfort safely and efficiently. Start living a good life without the need for expensive surgeries and medications.

Book your appointment today and experience pain relief with the cutting-edge GLA:D program!

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