Over 4.6 million people in Canada suffer from osteoarthritis and though there are a variety of treatments available many can give mediocre results or end up doing more harm than good. That’s where GLA:D comes in, it is an especially popular and successful treatment in Denmark finally making its way over to Canada! Premier Care Physiotherapy is an experienced OHIP chiropractic clinic in Richmond Hill with experience with this new treatment program. We provide you with the expertise and education to our GLA:D program for osteoarthritis in Ontario to give you the best results.


What Is the GLA:D Program?

GLA:D derives its name from the place it originated from standing for Good Life with Osteoarthritis in Denmark. After its huge success in Denmark, the program has been expanding to other countries and is now available in Canada and already making a positive impact on many lives. GLA:D is an evidence-based education and exercise program lasting up to 8 weeks dedicated to helping anyone with hip or knee osteoarthritis. Program participants have reported back a lower need to use painkillers, experiencing less pain, and being more physically active overall.


GLA:D has been found to reduce pain intensity by up to 28% and reduce the progression of any symptoms by 27%. Almost everyone is happy and satisfied with their results having a 90% satisfaction rate and many also increasing physical activity.


How Does GLA:D Do It Differently?

With osteoarthritis affecting over 38% of people aged 20 and over and 28% of people aged 60 and over osteoarthritis is a serious chronic illness that is widely prevalent. It actually affects more people Canada wide than all other types of arthritis combined. Many treatments out today focus on a more surgical and medical approach but a big factor in having a better relationship with your osteoarthritis is understanding it and how to approach it. GLA:D provides this education and guideline to education, exercises, and weight loss also allowing people to start the program even during the early stages of osteoarthritis, significantly improving your quality of life and functionality. 


How Does GLA:D Work?

GLA:D Canada focuses on educating you on your osteoarthritis and exercise sessions to help rebuild functionality to get you back to your everyday activities. The GLA:D Canada program is comprised of three components: 


Education sessions, approximately 2 or 3 sessions dedicated to osteoarthritis, its symptoms, development, and any risk factors. These sessions give you essential tips on how to manage the symptoms yourself and on your own time, helping you cope with the daily challenges that can arise from osteoarthritis.


Next session type is the neuromuscular exercise sessions. They are conducted twice a week for 6 overall weeks and lead by a certified therapist. Exercises are balanced out with warm-ups at the beginning and then a cool-down period after to help you ease in and out of the exercises. As sessions progress the exercises shall as well helping you steadily and gradually train so as to not strain your body or bring any shock from jumping into something too soon. 


The final component is dedicated to monitoring how you are doing, both during and after the program to record your progress. Your data and many others are then used to develop the GLA:D program and help others with osteoarthritis.



Ready To Relieve Your Osteoarthritis?

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No matter if you’re just experiencing the beginning of symptoms or are at an advanced stage you can benefit from GLA:D. Get started today and call our medical experts for a consultation today!

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