• September 21, 2020
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Nobody likes to be benched after a sports injury, most people want to recover as fast and effectively as possible to get back out on the field. Physiotherapists and getting the proper physical therapy can seem time-consuming but with the proper treatment, you can get back out there faster, and much more confidently than before. 

Premier Care Physio is a trusted Richmond Hill physio and sports rehab clinic that wants to see you win once again. No matter if you play professionally, are in a club, or just play on the weekends with friends finding the right chiropractor in Richmond Hill can boost your recovery more than you would have ever expected!


Why Even See a Physiotherapist?

Rushed recoveries are taken as too idealistic within the medical profession, with the end result usually being disappointments and possibly putting your body in worse shape than before. Depending on your situation, both the injury and sport, recovery time can vary; but with a trained and licensed physiotherapist, you can restore your range of motion reliably with noticeable results within a couple of weeks.

Instead of pushing your body past its limits and doing more harm than good in the hope to have a speedy recovery. The aim is to form a sustainable and healthy recovery trajectory, which helps to avoid any adverse effects and doesn’t result in a relapse of pain. 

Trying to follow standardized physiotherapy routines, such as ones found on youtube, will have minimal effects if anything. That’s because each persons’ body, injury, and intended use of the hurt limb is different. You can see examples of this by comparing a runners’ legs against a bikers’ legs, while they both use the same limbs and could look to experience similar injuries the use of muscles throughout the legs is completely different. Getting a personalized plan addressing your specific needs is integral to a proper recovery.


How Physiotherapy Heals Your Injuries

As mentioned before a personalized treatment plan is a key to getting the best recovery. The plan is just a part of the treatment though, various things can happen; you could make great progress, a certain exercise could not work for you, and more can happen throughout your recovery. Tracking your progress and evaluating the treatment as needed to fit your goals is very important to adapt better to your body and needs to heal your injury. 


What a Physiotherapy Session Looks Like

First, a consultation is done, breaking down your injury so they can fully understand your position, goals, specific sport or activity, and more. Depending on your condition the physiotherapist may choose to utilize ultrasound technology to help you and penetrate the muscles to provide some immediate relief.

Almost all sessions involve a mixture of massage, range of motion exercises, stretches, and strength-building exercises. Massage and stretches help to relax your sore muscles, and deep-tissue massages can be used to reduce any swelling. 

Range of motion exercises help to determine what you can do with your injured area and built back up the flexibility you once had. Strength building exercises are very important especially with injuries that required surgery. After an injury, the affected limb is unused and can lose some of its original strength. These exercises let you built back up your muscle safely and ease it back into being active. 


Don’t Let a Sports Injury Lock You on the Bench

Turn to a Trusted Richmond Hill Physio and Sports Rehab

Get back onto the field with the right trusted physiotherapist supporting you! Premier Care Physiotherapy is here to guide you to full rehabilitation and help cut that sports injury chronic pain out of your life once and for all. 

Contact us. 

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