Summer is right around the corner – make sure you’re living the best version of yourself without back pain getting in the way!

Lower back pain is a common condition many people have to deal with at some point in their life. The severity of its symptoms can range from temporary, mild discomfort to lingering pain that can no longer be ignored. The best way to mitigate your back pain conditions is by utilizing physiotherapy treatments to address the condition at its source. Typically at sports therapy clinics, physiotherapists will help treat lower back pain by targeting the repetitive motion and backwards arching structure of your back’s discs and bone structures. Our team uses similar treatment methods to help relieve your back pain symptoms. 

At Premier Care Physiotherapy, we provide our patients with physio for lower back pain in Richmond Hill through advanced equipment and treatments, as well as a customized and fully comprehensive action plan to help you work towards a pain-free recovery. If you’re dealing with nagging lower back pain, contact us today to work with our professional rehabilitation practitioners and be proactive in making yourself feel better. 

What Are Some Common Reasons For Back Pain?

Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of common behaviours and habits many people may take for granted. Anything from sitting for extended periods of time in a slouched position to chronic health issues or poor physical fitness can contribute to back pain. Additionally, improperly lifting and carrying objects can add more unwanted pressure to your lower back. 

Poor posture is a significant factor causing consistent back pain, especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time at work, home, or in the car. The integrity and strength of your mattress may also contribute to back pain symptoms from time to time. Tight hamstrings that can’t stretch towards a forward bend can strain your back and prevent you from stretching or loading when you need to. Weak core muscles can also lead to back pain if your abdomen and spine aren’t properly stabilized.  

Acute lower back pain is very often caused by strains and sprains, wherein you pulled a muscle or tore a tendon. They may even be attributed to herniated or ruptured discs that can stem from a sudden accident, fall, or sports injury. You’ll start to feel the pain immediately in your lower back if you’re affected by any of these factors. Back pain may also be caused by a condition known as sciatica, where a sharp lower pain radiates down towards your butt and legs due to compression on the sciatic nerve. 

Regardless of the origins of your lower back pain, you should speak with a doctor or physiotherapist if you’re experiencing significant pain that won’t go away.

Why Shouldn’t I Wait For My Lower Back Pain To Go Away On Its Own?

Although back pain symptoms may go away on their own, some people will experience another flare-up again if the condition is left untreated. The pain won’t always subside and it’s important to address it before it becomes a chronic issue and a root cause of your discomfort. The sooner you speak with a medical professional and receive treatment, the smoother the recovery process can turn out.

Physiotherapy will utilize specific exercises, stretches, and medical treatments to help your lower back regain its strength and prevent it from straining your lower back. Our team can not only help you relieve your pain, but also educate you with the right exercise routine and tools to prevent back pain from affecting you in the future. Physical therapy for your lower back pain can take around a month and will utilize a combination of different methods to help you feel your best again. 

Different treatments work for different patients, so you should speak with our team of medical professionals to see what works best for your recovery process.

What Are Some Physical Therapy Treatments I Can Do To Alleviate My Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain treatments use passive and active physical therapy treatments to help alleviate the condition’s symptoms. Passive treatments are methods that are being applied to the patients, such as electrical stimulation, massage therapy, or hot pack application. Active physical therapy focuses on specific exercises and stretches meant to address the source of your lower back pain or discomfort. Most treatment plans will utilize active physical therapy treatments because it involves the patient taking ownership of their health and recovery. 

Another treatment you can do yourself is movement exercises to help restore your motion, flexibility and strength in your lower body, leading to less pain in the back. While consulting with one of our medical professionals, they’ll help create a personalized exercise and treatment plan to optimize your recovery efforts and help you build up back strength. 

If you’re still dealing with nagging lower back pain, contact Premier Care Physiotherapy today to book a free in-person or remote consultation. Work with our team now to regain your full fitness and enjoy a happy active lifestyle again. 

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