Migraines and other serious headache-related issues are often connected to severe neck pain in the surrounding area. If you’ve ever experienced stiff neck or shoulder pain on a daily basis, your chances of getting a migraine can potentially increase. These issues are all connected to each other and will only make the discomfort worse if not treated properly. Thankfully, registered massage therapist (RMT) massages and techniques have shown to provide neck pain relief, thus reducing the occurrences of migraines in general.

At Premier Care Physiotherapy, we’re a Yonge Street physiotherapy rehabilitation center that provides patients with immediate assistance in addressing their neck pain and migraine issues at their root core. We offer RMT in Richmond Hill for patients dealing with various sports injuries or looking for pain relief. Contact our team today if you’ve been suffering from serious migraines and neck pain and are looking for massage therapy techniques to mitigate the symptoms.

Deep neck pain and migraines are often interconnected and our RMT specialists can help find the solutions to keep you comfortable.

You are worth it! Set yourself on the path to better health and well-being. Call Premier Care Physiotherapy at 905-237-7174 to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy or to set up an appointment.

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors, but aging and poor posture are the most common ones. Degenerative conditions, as a result of aging, such as osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis, can cause herniated discs or pinched nerves in certain areas. This can lead to severe neck pain and lingering migraines that can be quite painful. Physical strains, such as repetitive actions and strenuous activities, can also lead to stiffness and pain in most cases.

Posture problems can also cause neck issues, with regards to the way you hold your shoulders, walk, stand, and work. This can greatly affect individuals who spend many hours at a desk and work in a hunched position. Poor posture is a significant trigger for tension headaches and migraines because it allows the head to sit forward and contributes tension to these areas.

Sudden injuries or accidents can also cause neck pain because of the trauma from sudden forced movement. When the head and neck rebound in the opposite direction, it causes whiplash that causes pain and soreness. Significant injuries can greatly damage muscles, ligaments, discs, vertebral joints, and nerve roots in the spinal cord. This can be further worsened if you’re suffering from mental stress that tightens your neck muscles

Another cause of neck pain can be different joint diseases in your body. Joints can go through wear and tear as you age and can negatively affect nerves in the neck. Dysfunction of the neck joints can turn into pain that moves up into the head, causing migraines in people who are very prone to them.

How Can Headache, Neck, And Shoulder Pain Be Relieved?

Physical therapy is often the most recommended and relied upon treatment method for migraines, neck, and shoulder pain. It is very useful because physical therapy can help in strengthening your neck muscles, provide pain relief, and promote overall relaxation. Our team is composed of physical therapists, who specialize in treating specific areas of the neck that targets contribute to frequent migraines.

In addition to physical therapy, you should also do exercise and activities that relieve stress such as yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, breathing, and relaxation routines. Muscle relaxation is key to having a valuable experience free of neck pain, headaches, and migraines. If you have to, you can also combine treatment with over-the-counter drugs such as Advil or Tylenol.

If your issues are related to poor posture, making some ergonomic changes to how you sit and work can help. Try adjusting your chair and monitor your placement, as well as avoid sitting upright or slouched over your keyboard. Give your body a break and step away to stretch every now and then to keep things circulating.

How Does My Neck Hurting Cause Headaches?

Neck and shoulder pain are often connected with headaches because they occur in roughly the same area and can even aggravate them in certain cases. Tension-type headaches can appear alongside feelings of tenderness in your neck and shoulder muscles. Muscles and connective tissues have tender spots that can be painful when touched. When they are damaged or injured, the trigger points and pain can be felt as nodules and knots in tight spaces.

For people extra sensitive to neck pain and tense migraine, the situation can be made worse when the tenderness in the neck and shoulders are left untreated. To help provide pain relief and assistance from your migraines, contact Premier Care Physiotherapy to receive specialized massage techniques from our RMTs today. Work with us now to feel your best self again and wake up without any pain or migraines.

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