Chiropody Foot Care Treatments Richmond Hill – Chiropodist 

The experienced chiropodist at Premier Care Medical Centre in Richmond Hill is fully qualified and certified to take care of your feet including common ailments like corns, calluses, fungal infections and ingrown nails, to diabetic foot and minor surgeries.


Chiropody, the study and treatment of feet, is sometimes known more commonly as podiatry. No, referrals are not required. However, feel free to ask your family physician to write a referral for you if it will help in communicating with us.


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A Chiropodist, also known as a Foot Specialist, is a medical professional who practices podiatric medicine, and is concerned with promoting, maintaining, or restoring foot health and function through the study, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of foot conditions.


Assessment and treatment of foot conditions including but not limited to:

✔ Diabetic foot assessment/education/footcare
✔ Custom-made Orthotics
✔ Heel pain
✔ Corns/callus care
✔ Involuted nail
✔ Routine nail care
✔ Warts
✔ Plantar fasciitis
✔ Ingrown toenails
✔ Wound care
✔ Geriatric footcare
✔ Fungal toenails
✔ Compression stockings
✔ Athlete’s foot


This branch of medicine has grown tremendously as more and more evidence shows how much of our health is tied to the wellbeing of our feet. We often forget that our feet are the interfaces between our bodies and the earth. Much of our lives are spent on our feet, with the pressure and weight of our entire bodies concentrated in two small areas.


As all the parts of the skeleton and musculature are interconnected, there is no wonder that so much of our bodily function, structure and mobility is intricately tied to the feet.


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